laminate cabinet

D.K.I. LAMINATE COUNTERTOPS are manufactured in two different ways, both made to the finest quality laminate countertops have to offer. The two different laminate countertop construction types are EDGE-VENEER and POST-FORMED. The POST-FORMED countertop construction starts where laminate is pre layed on to a particle board core with the edge and coved backsplash wrapped to make a slab. Once the slabs had been made, it is than cut and mitered to fit in your kitchen. Continuous build-up is than glued and stapled to the bottom of the slabs for easy installation and the finished ends get capped. Miters are than assembled with white glue and the laminate seam is filled with a color-matched seam fill to keep moisture out. The EDGE-VENEER countertop construction starts with cutting a custom particle board core made to fit your kitchen. Again, continuous build-up is glued and stappled to the bottom of the core for easy installation. All the finished edges than get laminated, followed by laminating the top deck of the core. Laminated splashes are than siliconed and screwed to the back of the core. Both styles of lamanite countertops have their own edge styles to choose from and many sink options available from top mount stainless, stone, or cast-iron sinks to undermount stainless or acrylic sinks. All the laminate countertops manufactured has every pre-caution taken to keep moisture out of the core. Laminating behind sinks, between the splash and core, caulking sinks in during installation, and seam filling every laminate seam are just a few pre-cautions. Many of the new laminates on the market now are made to be very scratch resistant and come in colors that even look like GRANITE!